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Thursday, April 15, 2010

A Little Something Sexy...

 So this is a little something that I wrote... just thought it would be fun to post up... Hope you enjoy!
   <--- This is Adam
This is James-->

 As I walk into the dark club I immediately head to the bar. After ordering my usual, Grey Goose and Red Bull, I decide to sit back and check out the place. The beat of the music is pulsing through my body, the bass so loud that I can feel it thrumming. Looking across the room full of bodies, my eyes stop as if willed when I see Adam, the lead singer of Hellions. As he looks up, as if he felt me looking at him, a shiver goes down my spine. The feeling is so intense. I’ve never felt a reaction this strong before to anyone.

After a moment he crooks his finger at me and I immediately head in his direction. I’ve never been the type that just follows directions, but I can’t seem to help myself. Making my way through the packed dance floor is like walking through water. People shift and move around you, rubbing against you. The heat and friction combined with the loud thrum of the music is already making my body crave more.

As I approach Adam he looks me over and then those eyes are just staring into mine. It’s as if the music and people no longer exist. All I can think about is taking him by the collar and leading him upstairs. His eyes follow me as I move closer until I’m standing right in front of him. As they slide down to take in my lips then my neck it’s as if I can feel the hunger radiating off of him. As my pulse speeds with the thought of what he might need I notice his pupils start to dilate.

As I reach out to touch his cheek I notice another figure now standing in my way. As I glance up I realize this is James. He’s always with him. I notice him looking between Adam and myself trying to figure out what to make of the situation. Adam leans in close and whispers something in James’s ear. Not sure what to make of the interaction I start to turn away only to be stopped by a hand on my arm.

Looking up I find Adam leaning into me. Not sure what to make of the situation I raise an eyebrow in question. Leaning in a little closer so that he can be heard over the music he says “Mon Cheri, please join me in my private suite”. It takes me a minute to nod in acknowledgement. I can’t believe this is happening. He is so breathtaking. I manage a breathy “yes” before he leads me toward the side of the club.

Heading up the stairs on his heals I realize that we aren’t alone. I glance back over my shoulder to see James following us. Not sure what to make of it I just continue up the stairs. As we reach the end of the hall I realize we are about to enter a large room in the back. There is a king size bed in the center of the room with black satin sheets. Just the thought of the satin rubbing against my skin makes me wish I was already naked.

Just as I make it through the doorway I feel strong hands on my hips pushing me up against the wall. My breath catches in my throat as I realize Adam is pressing himself between my now spread legs. I can feel his erection against my thigh, straining to escape the confinement of those tight black leather pants. Then his lips are on mine and all thought outside of him and this room completely disappears.

As he pulls back I realize the door has been shut and that we’re not alone. James is still here with a look of heat in his expression. As I tilt my head to study him closer I feel lips against my neck. The soft line of kisses starting just below my jaw and ending at my collarbone. I can feel his hands as they slide under my tank top lifting it up to reveal my sheer black bra. As he pulls the top over my head in one quick move he latches his mouth over my nipple and I suck in a sharp breath. I close my eyes as he begins to trace slow circles around my nipple and I can feel it puckering up so tight it’s almost painful.

I start to run my hands down his chest, wanting to remove the cloth barrier of his shirt. He grabs my wrists and pins them above my head before I have the chance to touch his skin. Trying to pull free was pointless. He held my arms immobile as if he could do it all night. I suppose he probably could with all that unleashed power he had running through him.

As Adam glances over his shoulder at James, it’s as if they had an entire conversation in that one look. As he approaches us, I wonder what they had just shared. In one quick movement James pulls his shirt free of his pants and up over his head dropping it on the floor as moves in our direction. The next thing I know I’m being lifted off the floor and carried to the bed. I lay my head against James’s hard chest. As I look behind us Adam is removing his shirt. I can’t take my eyes off of him as he reveals his slender muscular frame.

When we reach the large bed, James sets me in the middle. As I start to move into a sitting position Adam reaches the side of the bed. One word “No” and I immediately lay back on the sheets. The next thing I know my hands are being held above my head by James and Adam is unbuttoning my jeans. As he pulls them down over my hips he reveals my black thong and the heat in his gaze nearly sends me over the edge.

It was such an intense feeling. Being undressed and held down, exposed completely. As he runs his hands lightly up my legs to the inside of my thighs, I can feel myself getting wet. As if he knows that what he is doing is driving me insane his nostrils flair and the pressure from his fingertips increases. I suck in a startled breath as his fangs are bared and he bites right through the thin material of my bra. As it slips open to reveal my breasts I feel the rush of cold air on my nipples. I hear a low rumble of excitement from behind me and realize James is watching as my nipples hardened into tight little peaks.

I can feel Adam’s gaze on my face and look back in his direction. Looking at me with such heat I almost don’t hear his question. “Will you let me do as I like?” Not sure I could say no at this point even if I wanted to, I look back at him and respond the only way I can. “Anything” I whisper, almost to low to be heard. The only response I get is a low growl in the back of his throat. As if he was touching me I feel my sex throb in response.

Straddling my thighs, he leans over me and takes my mouth with an aggressiveness that causes a moan to escape my lips. I feel his hands cup my breasts, thumb and forefinger clasping my nipples in a hard pinch. I groan and he squeezed harder. As my eyelids flutter down I feel him nibble my jaw line then down my neck to my collarbone. I open my eyes and glance down to meet his just as his mouth closes over one of my nipples and his fingers continues to pinch the other. I gasp at the pure pleasure from it and feel him bite down on my breast a little harder. Trying to stay conscious from the intense rush of sensation I make myself focus on him.

As he moves down to my abdomen, I feel his tongue circle and dip into my belly button. I can feel goose bumps all over my body as his tongue moves down to run over the sensitive flesh on the inside of my thigh. I feel his fingers slide under the thin strap of my thong as he slowly pulls them over my hips being careful not to touch me where I want him to most.

“Look at me.” Adam says, and I obey immediately. Only after meeting his eyes does he place his hands on the inside of my thighs and spread my legs wide. Sucking in a small gasp as I continue to get lost in the heat of his gaze I realize that I’ve never felt anything this intense. The only thought running through my mind is “More, I need more.”

As he settles himself between my legs all I can feel is heat spreading throughout my entire body. As he runs his hands up my thigh and then around and under me to cup my ass I can’t focus. I close my eyes and let my head fall back onto the pillow. When I finally feel his lips on me though, it’s almost too soft.

As I lift my pelvis off the bed trying to get more contact I feel a hand land on my abdomen. Opening my eyes and looking straight up I see James looking down at me. I realize he now has one hand holding my wrists in place and the other holding me flat on the bed. The intense way he’s staring at me sends a shiver down my spine.

I feel Adam lick the inside of my thigh and then bite down, sucking hard. The intense pain immediately turns into pleasure and places me on the edge of orgasm. In the same instant I feel soft lips against mine and realize James is kissing me, tasting me. The dual sensations cause the orgasm to hit without warning.

I can still feel the small aftershocks as Adam’s mouth closes over my swollen and extremely sensitive clit. I scream out and James absorbs the sound. I can feel Adam sucking on my clit as he slips a finger into my wet pussy. As my hips try to lift on their own due to the intense rush of feeling I feel the strong weight of James’s hand holding me motionless. Being held in place I can feel the pressure starting to grow again, my pussy getting even more wet than I thought possible. Just when I think I can’t take the pressure any more I feel James lower his mouth to my breast and bite down on my nipple. I scream, as the pleasure hits me and I orgasm harder than I ever have before.

As I open my eyes trying to regain my equilibrium, I look up to see Adam watching me. His eyes so intense I can’t take my gaze off of him. As he lowers himself over me I realize he’s stripped out of the rest of his clothes. Wow, I hadn’t even noticed him do that. As I feel his smooth skin across mine I let out a shuttering breath. This is what I’ve been waiting for, the feel of him against me, without barriers.

I realize James has moved to the side of the bed. No longer holding me in place. Just watching. I never realized what a turn on that could be, but I can’t help but get excited at the thought that we’re being watched. Talk about a night of discovery.

Looking back up at Adam, I realize he was waiting on me to refocus on him. After a couple of heartbeats that felt like an eternity, he lowers his mouth to mine. I can taste my own juices as he kisses me. Then he’s sweeping his tongue into my mouth in a possessive manner that makes my blood feel like it’s boiling.

The next moment I feel the head of his solid erection pushing against my opening. As he I feel the breath catch in my throat he shoves inside of me in one quick hard thrust. I feel myself stretch to accommodate him, reveling in the pleasure of him filling me up to the hilt.

Starting slowly and increasing in speed he pounds into me. Completely filling me with each thrust. I can feel him as he shudders above me. Then he starts slamming into me as fast and as hard as he can. I can barely catch my breath from thrust to the next. I feel my self begin to tighten around his hard length and I know he feels it too. As Adam lets out a low growl in my ear, he shoves into me so hard I feel the bed move with us. Then we’re both screaming out. I can feel the spasms run through his body and then I feel myself contract around him. Milking him.

With a deep sigh, Adam collapses on top of me. I love the feel of him on me, surrounding me. His arms slide around me and he rolls us onto our sides, cradling me next to his body. I lay still for a moment, enjoying the feel of him all around me.

The next thing I know, I feel a hand running down and over my hip. Startled I glance up at James. I had almost forgotten he was in the room. I roll over in Adam’s arms as James crawls across the bed towards us. As he lays down facing me, I can feel my body already responding and getting wet again.

I feel Adam kiss the sensitive skin between my shoulder blades. As he moves lower goose bumps rise all over my body again. I hadn’t realized what I was missing. Reaching a hand between our bodies, I can feel him completely aroused again. I wrap my hand around the base of his erection and squeeze. As I pull my hand up and then rub my thumb across the head of his penis, a drop of liquid escapes.

I begin to kiss my way down Adam’s body, stopping to pull each nipple into my mouth and gently bite down. I hear a low moan come from the back of his throat and glance up to see him watching me. I continue to kiss my way down his abdomen, stopping to trace the solid planes of muscle with my tongue. As I continue to stroke him I gently lower my mouth over his head and lick. When he bucks a little under my touch, I smile. I can’t help it. I like feeling the power it gives me to be in control now. I move my mouth over his hard length and take in as much of him as I can. Licking the vein on the underside of his cock I feel him shudder.

As I start to suck harder on the tip and run my hand up and down the hard length of him I feel a hand on my back. Glancing over my shoulder I see James coming up behind me. The thought of him entering me while I take Adam in my mouth has me clit throbbing and my pussy getting wet all over again.

I lean slightly back into James’s touch, an invitation to keep going. I can feel his hands running over my hips, my ass, up my back. Then I feel a finger enter me and I gasp around Adam’s cock. Mouth teeth lightly graze his erection and I feel him stiffen under me. Looking into his eyes all I see is intense pleasure at the slight pain.

I’m drawn back to James as the head of his rock hard erection starts to push against my opening. I spread my legs a little further as he grabs onto my shoulder with one hand and my hip with the other, holding me completely still. Shoving himself as far into me as he can in one strong movement I again gasp around Adam as James begins to slam into me hard and fast. I move my mouth over Adam’s rock hard cock, sucking him in as fully as possible then letting my teeth graze him as I slide up his shaft.

I feel a ripple of pleasure run through me as my body begins to tighten around James. I feel him shudder above me. Still holding me motionless he begins to go as fast as he can, causing the sound of skin slapping skin to echo in the room. With one last thrust I feel him let go, filling me, spilling into me. I tighten my mouth around Adam as I cum around James. I feel Adam take in a sharp breath and then feel him release in my mouth. I swallow hard, taking all of him in, the salty sweet taste.

I collapse on the bed sandwiched between these two men whom I barely knew before tonight. As I close my eyes, I smile. Sleep sucking at me, I relax, feeling safe and secure. Then nothing. Just total blackness as I let sleep drag me under.

~ Courtney ~


Anonymous said...

Wow......just wow. Did you just come up with that on the spot or have you been working on it?

Hell Kat said...

Thank you =) I wrote it in about an hour actually... inspiration kinda struck I guess... we'll see if it happens again lol

elaing8 said...

That was very hot, well done.

Anonymous said...

Can I just say..Oh My ffffing God that was great....


Hell Kat said...

Thank you ladies!

Cecile said...

Very good my dear!!! Hot hot hot hot hot!! I like that!!!

Let's see where your mind goes next!!!!

I hope you have a great weekend! Hugs to you honey!

Hell Kat said...

Thank you sweetie! Have a great weekend yourself!

Marc said...

I just stopped by to read your latest reviews and well...I think I'm blushing! :)

Hell Kat said...

Then I know you enjoyed it LOL

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