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Thursday, April 29, 2010

Dead Sexy

Title:  Hunter's Need

Author:  Shiloh Walker

Publisher:  Berkley

4 stars

Duke is bitter. A shapeshifter betrayed by the psychic powers of Analise Morell, he cannot forgive her for putting him in the clutches of a feral vampire, but he also can’t shake his desire for her. And when she needs a Hunter, Duke must face his demons—and hers…
Desperate voices are battering Ana’s psychic shields. A serial killer with extraordinary powers is about to strike again, and the tormented souls of his previous victims are screaming for her help. But Ana can’t understand why they want her…
Their INSATIABLE desire
After what she did to him, Ana is sure Duke must be using her…but if he is, so be it. Ana can’t fight her longing for him, can’t fight the desire that’s haunted her for years. For Duke, every fiber of his soul—both the man and the cougar within—yearns to protect and possess her.…

Analise Morell is fighting to find her place in a world that she would love to blend into.  After living at Excelsior, a school for the gifted to train to be hunters, in order to gain control of her powers and herself she decides it is time to move on.  She has never felt like she fit in but has stayed to be with her brother, a powerful physic,  who she would do anything in her power to protect.  Now five years later Ana takes off for Alaska and a fresh start in order to put the past behind her.

Duke Lawson, a hunter for Excelsior, has constant reminders of the past and every time he sees Ana he is reminded of how close he came to death.  His mixed emotions over Ana drive him insane but when it comes down to it he can't even tolerate another man looking her way.  After Ana leaves for Alaska Duke takes off on one of his many excursions as a hunter for months but shows back up at Excelsior as if drawn to the only home he knows.  Unfortunately he is just as restless as he was when he was gone and frustrated that he can't seem to pinpoint why... At least until he ends up answering a phone call from Analise.

Now a year later, Analise has grown to love Alaska as her home.  The trouble is that she continues to feel that something just isn't right but can't seem to pinpoint what it is.  When she calls Excelsior to get help and Duke answers her call she feels the past rush over her again and the feelings that flood her don't come only from the fact that they share an unhappy past.  When Duke shows up as her help and not by his own choice things start off a bit rocky for them, but when they are faced with death and ghosts they quickly join forces to hunt down the evil that has made it's home in the Alaskan wilderness.

The characters from HUNTER'S NEED drew me in... read the rest of my review on FreshFiction.com 

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Chas @ LLL said...

OMG!! I have this book on my shelf but have never read it!! Ugh!! I seriously need to make the time!=)

Hell Kat said...

Yes you do! It was really good!

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