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Friday, February 5, 2010

Beyond Gothic...

BOOK TITLE:  Dark Angel

AUTHOR:  Natasha Moore

Red Sage Publishing, Inc 

I truly did enjoy DARK ANGEL by Natasha Moore.  I thought it was a great title; it intrigued me.  Once I started reading, I couldn't wait to find out what was going to happen next.  Ms. Moore captured my imagination and held it from the first paragraph.  The setting was beautifully described.  I could not only see it but feel it.  I was drawn into the story further by her characters. 

The characters were fascinating.  Our hero is dark and troubled.  He has hidden himself away from the world because of a haunting past.  He gave up everything he loved, including his career.  When the heroine enters, she is young and a bit reckless but confident.  She is his sister-in-law and determined to discover the truth about her sister's death.  This truth belongs to both of them, a shared history she won't let go of until she knows what happened.  When they come together, you expect a collision that will change the course of their lives, but the unexpected is even better. 

If you love the classic gothic romance genre, you will feel right at home with this book, but I don't mean old-style in the least.  It is definitely set in modern times.  The plot was intriguing and the characters surprising.  If you are looking for some steamy romance to come into the picture, Ms. Moore's hot, sexy duo will not disappoint.


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